Kim Sen-Gupta Integrated Communication.

I am a generalist!

And what’s in it for you?

Fig. I:
Job-sharing structure
You are surrounded by communication – always and everywhere. When it’s about business, it’s usually the doing of advertising agencies. Classical campaigns or media, design or event: account directors, account managers, strategic planners, PR professionals, creative directors, copy writers, graphic designers, art buyers, photographers and several other specialists have taken care of a project or campaign before it’s finally settled. And quite often, more than one advertising agency is taking part. This has an impact on costs and time line and doesn’t always lead to integrated results.

Anyone for a truism?

Specialists separate, generalists integrate.

When it comes to communication this is true for the message and the workflow. Social and industrial mainstream rather support an escalation of specialisation than diverse qualification. Complex structures are required to form teams from a group of specialists, and enterprises (or advertising agencies) from teams.